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Focus Friend

250.00 SR

Supports attention, focus, and cognition.

Focus Friend is a tasty, alcohol-free herbal blend designed for kids (and adults) that specifically supports attention, concentration, mood, memory, and focus. Simply refer to the “dosage by weight” suggested use guide and add to your child’s water, smoothie or favorite juice. You can also give it directly under the tongue since it’s in a base of vegetable glycerine which is naturally sweet. 

Focus Friend helps busy and excited children with focus and learning. This formula is also suitable for adults who would like support with mental fatigue, concentration capacity, focus, and restlessness. The Rhodiola in our blend supports a healthy mood and disposition, while Ginkgo and Gotu Kola leaf support focus and healthy circulation to the brain.


  • Ginkgo – brain tonic that supports concentration and blood flow.
  • Got Kola – calming nervine that supports brain health.
  • Rhodiola & Licorice – adaptogens that provide stress and mood support.
  • Lobelia – grounding and supports “parasympathetic” rest and digest state.


How to use:


  • For children 10-30 lbs, use 5-10 drops per serving.
  • For 31-60 lbs, use 10-20 drops per serving.
  • For 61-100+ lbs, use 20-30 drops per serving.
  • Adults can use 1+ full dropper per serving.

Take 1-3 servings per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Can be taken in juice, water, or directly in the mouth.


  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
  • Children under 1 year of age
  • Use caution and ask your doctor if you’re an adult with high blood pressure or on high blood pressure medication (licorice root is contraindicated with this pre-existing condition)


  • Sweet, mild, herb-y.
  • Formula may contain small amounts of herbal precipitate (small particles of plant matter) due to the preparation method involving whole herb extraction.



What is the ideal age range for this product?

This product is technically safe for children 1 year of age and older, however due to the intended goal of the formula it is best for school-aged children 5+. 

Can this formula be used on adults?

Yes. Adults can follow the dosage by weight chart and take 1+ full dropper.

Is this gluten/dairy/corn/soy/nut free?


How often can it be given? Would once before school in the morning be enough?

Focus Friend can be taken several times per day if needed. Frequency always depends on how much trouble they have focusing and how long it’s been going on (plus how sensitive they are to the herbs as even adults respond well to different doses of both herbs and pharmaceuticals). Some might be fine taking it once before and once after school. Taking it to school can be an institutional issue so you don’t have to do a mid-day or lunch dose if this isn’t possible.

Is there a cut-off time for the last dosage of the day so that sleep is not affected?

The main adaptogen in this blend (Rhodiola) along with the other herbs are energizing, but not central nervous system stimulants (and rather regulate the HPA axis) so they should not keep one up at night. The last dose can be given after school if needed.

Can this be given on an empty stomach or should a child eat first?

Either is fine. Absorption is slightly optimized on an empty stomach, but for sensitive stomachs you can always give with food.

Would this be a good alternative to Brain Juice (for an adult) for someone who gets overstimulated by Panax Ginseng?

Yes! This can be a great alternative as Rhodiola is still energizing, but does not stimulate the central nervous system like Ginseng. That’s why we used Rhodiola for our kid’s blend instead. Adults can follow the dosage by weight chart and take 1+ full dropper.

Can this be combined with ______?

Always ask your child’s doctor before beginning any herb or supplement. This goes whether they are currently on medications or not — it’s best to have everyone on board.

Are there any contraindications if combined with other herbs or medications for adults?

This formula contains Gingko Leaf which helps to thin the blood and support circulation so always ask your doctor first if you are on blood thinners. This formula also contains Licorice Root so it is contraindicated for adults with high blood pressure.

Effects on adults – mild or major?

Mild to moderately helpful as a tool, but not major. Other factors such as diet, especially omega 3 status and sugar intake, must be addressed in order to holistically support focus issues. Same goes with kids; we must remember that herbs are a helping hand, and lifestyle changes should accompany them.

Is it safe to add in all these blends at once? Slowly, one at a time?

It’s always best to layer them in one by one with several weeks in between to see what is helping most so that one can track progress and which formulas are making a difference! There are no contraindications in using several together (i.e. Focus Friend in AM/afternoon, Mighty Minerals in PM) but ideally you want to go slowly, one at a time, to notice changes and progress.

How long would it typically take for it to take/show an effect?

Depends on the severity, how long issues have been present, and how much you’re doing in terms of lifestyle interventions. Ideally you’d see an effect within a week, but greater benefit comes from longer term use.

*NOTE: When starting, you may begin with the lowest dosage of 5-10 drops and work your way up to the full suggested dose for your child’s weight class. Some will respond to lower dosages where others require the full dosage by weight. We ideally want to find the lowest effective dosage that yields an improvement as this saves you money and helps the formula last longer.

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