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Glow Bites

135.00 SR

Vitamin-infused chocolate made with clean ingredients.

These clean ingredient dark chocolates are infused with plant-based collagen to improve skin moisture, texture, and elasticity in two weeks.

Flavor Profile: Smooth dark chocolate with a delicate herbal undertone and sweet candied finish.

Improve your skin moisture, texture, and elasticity in two weeks only!


How to use:

Looking for a skin boost and a delicious chocolate treat at the same time? We have you covered. Glow Bites are delicious daily ritual that improve skin texture using a breakthrough collagen alternative. For glowing skin, enjoy 2 bites per day. Clinically-proven results are seen after 2 weeks of daily use, and best results are seen after 3 months.



100% Clean Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Plant-Based Collagen Powder, Spirulina, Cane Sugar.


Clinically-proven Ceramosides ® for optimal skin health and collagen production, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Plant-based, Allergen Free, Low Sugar, Nothing artificial. Glow Bites also contain detoxifying spirulina to improve skin clarity. Our high-quality dark chocolate is a natural form of antioxidants and minerals that protect the skin from aging.

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