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Not Your Average Probiotic

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Not Your Average Probiotic...

In healthy individuals, the balance of pro-to-pathogen should be around 80/20, but unfortunately for many of us this ratio has traveled far from the ideal. This is due to a myriad of factors, including the overuse of antibiotics, our descent from real whole foods, xenobiotics in our environment (from chlorine in our water to pesticides in our food), stress, medications, and more. Scientists are now also pointing to a “generational loss,” where because of these factors, babies are coming into the world with far less beneficial strains than their mothers. (Studies show that critical B. infantis, for example, is missing or low in many infants and children. These children have a 6x higher incidence of allergies than those with healthy levels!)

When these probiotic strains aren’t taking up residence in our guts, pathogens have their chance to overgrow and create symptoms. The effect this has had on our health as a collective is staggering, as autoimmune disorders and unexplained chronic illnesses are exploding. While medical researchers once thought autoimmune disease was attributed to the body “attacking itself,” evidence is quickly mounting showing that rather, the body is attacking constant low-grade bacterial infections that should have been destroyed by our healthy microbiome army.

(For example, a study across the US & Norway found that those suffering with systemic sclerosis had higher levels of inflammation-causing pathogenic bacteria and lower levels of protective, anti-inflammatory bacteria compared to individuals without the autoimmune disease. One of the authors relayed that “the results of our research suggest that patients with systemic sclerosis have a unique lower gastrointestinal microbial consortium characterised by increased pathobiont organisms and decreased beneficial commensal organisms.” The study proposes that probiotics may aid restoring gut bacterial balance in those suffering from autoimmune disease).

The bottom line is, YOUR GUT MATTERS. I know you’ve heard that your immune system depends entirely on your gut flora, and new research is published daily linking that microflora to a range of health indications from general mood and sleep quality to levels of anxiety and depression. Our hope for the future of medicine is that emphasis is shifted to repairing the microbiome first and foremost. A healthier gut population means better sleep and immunity, less pain and fatigue, more energy, and improved digestion.

You’re not average, so your probiotic shouldn’t be either. Trust your gut and give us a try on your healing journey. We are here to help in any way we can!



  1. Prebiotics – Food for the “good guys” so they can take back their turf from those pesky pathogens. Our organic, plant-based VITAFIBER balances the pH of your gut, helps destroy unproductive (“bad”) bacteria, and acts as food for your probiotic army so they stick around and build a village! Studies show that prebiotic fiber ALONE may lower body fat in obese children by selectively feeding the beneficial bugs that control inflammation, blood sugar regulation, and hormone health. When you combine this unique type of fiber with anti-inflammatory strains, it’s a winning combination.
  2. Microencapsulation technology – Our 20 billion CFU are micro-encapsulated to ensure their survival in the acidic environment of the stomach. As customers who do their research, we always want to get our money’s worth; we’ve ensured that our capsules will make it through the long journey to exactly where they need to be.
  3. Fermented enzymes – We’ve included digestive enzymes to assist gut health and nutrient absorption by helping you break down your food and beat the bloat. This is especially helpful for those who have been suffering from any type of digestive disorders, pain, bloating, etc. These enzymes also make our probiotic a great digestive aid for any meal.

Health Benefits:

  • Delivers a 20 billion CFU dose of probiotics to support gut and brain health
  • Supports healthy immune system function and a healthy GI tract
  • Supports beneficial microflora in the gut and proper digestion
  • Includes prebiotic fiber to supply easily digestible fuel so the “good guys” stick around
  • Packed with digestive enzymes to support healthy digestion of meals



How does your probiotic differ from what’s out there?

Not only does our probiotic contain a whopping 20 billion CFU per capsule, it also features: a) fermented digestive enzymes so that you can take them with hard-to-digest meals even while traveling, b) prebiotic fiber to feed and fuel the beneficial bugs, and c) microencapsulation technology which has been shown in studies to improve probiotic survival during gastric transit. This ensures the good bacteria makes it through the acidic environment of the stomach. It was also essential that my probiotic was shelf-stable, as probiotics are what keep me regular when I’m traveling or on vacation. (This is where the digestive enzymes are extremely helpful as well, since I can’t always eat my normal diet on the road or at social events!) No detail was overlooked, because when I couldn’t find a probiotic that hit all my marks, I made my own.

When should I take this?

You can either take it on an empty stomach, or with a meal if you need extra digestive support.

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