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Undercover Agents (Assorted Hydrocolloid Bandages)

95.00 SR

For when being stealthy is the name of the game.

These transparent bandages match your skintone to allow discrete coverage. Our waterproof material can stay on for days and flexes with your every move. Hydrocolloid means these bandages help promote faster healing by sealing in moisture while keeping out dirt and germs. We love all the good packed into these little bandages.

  • 20 count hydrocolloid bandages
  • Transparent bandage matches skin colors to allow discrete coverage
  • Hydrocolloid pad promotes faster healing
  • Waterproof material can stay on for days and flexes with your every move
  • Various sizes for wounds of all types
  • Tin container that's reusable, recyclable, and dare we say collectible?
  • Latex free

Assorted Hydrocolloid Bandages.

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